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Welcome to Elizabeth’s Health. I am so happy you are here! For the past ten years I’ve been exploring natural pain relief and holistic health while working as a massage therapist.  In my work, as well as with my personal health, I have found that cost is too often a barrier to holistic healthcare access. So, I created this website with holistic resources that are either low-cost or free.  Click around in the Blog to learn more.

I primarily focus on massage therapy, reiki, chakra balancing, and aromatherapy. Though, I have a special interest in running a holistic business. Truly, there is something here for everyone who is enthusiastic about holistic health. Still, if you find yourself wondering about a specific topic that I can help with, get in touch! 

Holistic Health 

Now, what the heck is holistic and why do I want my healthcare to be that way?!  Put simply, holistic health takes all parts of you into consideration when approaching a condition. That would be your mind, body and spirit. As a holistic practitioner working with a massage client, I know back pain is more than just a muscular issue. The pain also comes from lifestyle and is amplified by the client’s emotional state. When I begin working with a client I will take a baseline assessment to get a complete picture before devising a plan to decrease their pain. Approaching pain relief holistically has long lasting effects because it gets to the root cause in addition to decreasing the painful symptoms.

There are countless treatment systems that are considered holistic. Some of the more popular ones include acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, biofeedback, chiropractic treatment, energy healing, meditation, massage therapy, reflexology, T’ai Chi, and yoga. Of course, this list could go on-and-on! It’s hard to know where to begin if you are unfamiliar with holistic healthcare. Quality information about treatment options is paramount to making an informed decision about therapies.

In the United States, each of these treatment systems are regulated differently. Meaning, you may need a license, certification or degree to practice some. While no formal training at all is required to practice others. Choosing the right practitioner often means researching industry standards and/or combing through reviews and recommendations. It is not uncommon to try out several practitioners before finding the one who is the perfect fit for your body and spirit.  

Another mode of entry into holistic healthcare is through DIY or homemade treatments. This is exactly how I began my journey to become a practitioner. I am a shameless Pinterest-junky and have over 1000 pins specific to holistic recipes I want to make one day. While you will never get the same results as with a professional. Trying a holistic treatment at home is a great way to dip your toe into the vast field of therapies. Just remember to keep safety in mind! Common sense tells us not to try out a chiropractic adjustment on our friend just because we watched an informational video. But, a homemade light box for seasonal depression is a safe, easy, and relatively cheap way to explore light therapy.


Let’s face it, in the United States holistic treatment does not come cheap! There are many reasons holistic healthcare is expensive.  First, there is the steep cost of training and establishing your practice. Take for example the tuition I paid for massage school then the licensing costs as well as the cost of the basic equipment I needed to get started. Investing so much of my time and money left me anxiously awaiting a financial return from my clients. Then, there are an ever growing number of costs to provide quality services once you are off the ground and running. Being proficient at business, I would argue, is equally as important as being a master at the services you are providing.   

This is why I became interested in supporting holistic healthcare practitioners on their journey to launch and grow successful practices. I know the struggle! In my blog you will find resources for marketing a holistic healthcare business. I’ve included free and low cost tools in addition to higher priced services to invest in your success. Over the years I have met so many gifted practitioners who are living in poverty or who have given up practicing all together due to lack of access to business advice and tools. If you are struggling please do not hesitate to get in touch. Or, if you are interested in sharing your success story I would also love to hear from you. 

Reducing Costs and Increasing Access  

When I started this blog I wanted to be Goop on a budget. Or, the Carrie Bradshaw of holistic health. Meaning, I wanted to write incredibly personal and frank stories about wellness. It was important that those stories helped others access affordable care. In the past it was not uncommon for me to do a ton of research on a particular treatment that I was really excited about. Then become super disappointed because that treatment was way out of my price range. 

I’ve come to realize that the topic of quality, cost-friendly, holistic healthcare is more complex than I originally imagined. When you are on the consumer end, it is easy to look at the high cost of service and assume that businesses are greedy. However, this narrative isn’t the whole story. Practitioners frequently live in poverty in the United States despite commanding high prices for their skills. Ultimately, clients struggle to afford services and practitioners struggle to support themselves financially with their talents in what is obviously a broken system. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to the cost of holistic healthcare. Innovative practitioners are providing community sessions so they are able to offer a sliding scale of pricing. Increasingly, holistic services are being recognized by insurance companies. And those who have access to insurance are able to have their treatment costs covered or greatly reduced. The internet has also offered increased access to education. Now, more than ever, it is possible to learn how to live a holistic lifestyle. Whether you choose to take an online class, webinar, read a blog, or watch a tutorial video. Access to holistic health is possible in a way that fits within your budget.


Elizabeth has a unique background that led her to become a holistic health nerd. In 2008 she graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a B.A in Cultural Studies. As an undergraduate Elizabeth shared her passion for health as a children’s swim instructor and fitness coach. As an experimental college student Elizabeth began dabbling in yoga, meditation, and energy healing with crystals. This is also the time when she developed a preoccupation with DIY health and beauty recipes.

In 2011 Elizabeth graduated from The Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy. After passing the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage; Elizabeth became a licensed massage therapist in the state of Illinois!  Her work as a massage therapist introduced her to a variety of healing modalities. Including aromatherapy, reiki and finally understanding how important it is to breath correctly.

Building upon her interests working with young children and their families Elizabeth specialized in prenatal massage by completing the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Pre and Perinatal Massage continuing education program. As well as the Center for Massage Therapy Continuing Education’s Pediatric Massage course.

In 2015, Elizabeth graduated from Northcentral University with a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. As a graduate student Elizabeth investigated multisensory learning and completed training in the Orton-Gillingham method. Additionally, Elizabeth has training in mindfulness fundamentals for educators from Mindful Schools certification program.

During a mandated stay at home order to slow the spread of coronavirus, Elizabeth decided to start this blog. She intended to create an accessible resource for health and wellness. Creating this blog was a long held goal and because of the shut-down she finally had the time.

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