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Welcome to Elizabeth’s Health. I am so happy you are here! For the past ten years I’ve been exploring holistic health while working as a massage therapist and reiki practitioner. Click around in the Blog to learn more.

Holistic Health 

Now, what the heck is holistic and why do I want my healthcare to be that way?!  Put simply, holistic health takes all parts of you into consideration when approaching a condition. That would be your mind, body and spirit. As a holistic practitioner working with a massage client, I know back pain is more than just a muscular issue. The pain also comes from lifestyle and is amplified by the client’s emotional state. When I begin working with a client I will take a baseline assessment to get a complete picture before devising a plan to decrease their pain. Approaching pain relief holistically has long lasting effects because it gets to the root cause in addition to decreasing the painful symptoms.

There are countless treatment systems that are considered holistic. Some of the more popular ones include acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, biofeedback, chiropractic treatment, energy healing, meditation, massage therapy, reflexology, T’ai Chi, and yoga. Of course, this list could go on-and-on! It’s hard to know where to begin if you are unfamiliar with holistic healthcare. Quality information about treatment options is paramount to making an informed decision about therapies.

In the United States, each of these treatment systems are regulated differently. Meaning, you may need a license, certification or degree to practice some. While no formal training at all is required to practice others. Choosing the right practitioner often means researching industry standards and/or combing through reviews and recommendations. It is not uncommon to try out several practitioners before finding the one who is the perfect fit for your body and spirit.  

Another mode of entry into holistic healthcare is through DIY or homemade treatments. This is exactly how I began my journey to become a practitioner. I am a shameless Pinterest-junky and have over 1000 pins specific to holistic recipes I want to make one day. While you will never get the same results as with a professional. Trying a holistic treatment at home is a great way to dip your toe into the vast field of therapies. Just remember to keep safety in mind! Common sense tells us not to try out a chiropractic adjustment on our friend just because we watched an informational video. But, a homemade light box for seasonal depression is a safe, easy, and relatively cheap way to explore light therapy.

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