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I Hate Diet Culture

Ugh, let’s talk about diet culture. I am not a huge fan of dieting. Too often, dieting values weight reduction over actually being healthy. Diet culture makes you question every calorie you put into your mouth. Did you earn that food, or are you being bad? Do you need to punish your body with an intense workout because you *gasp* […]

Using Gemstones and Crystals for Healing

Gemstone and crystals improve our health by plugging into our bodies chakra-energy-fields. If you want to learn more about your chakras I recommend checking out my previous blog. Healing stones embody unique energies that resonate with our chakras in various ways. The energy of the stones ampliphy our body’s innate healing forces. Each stone provides its own therapeutic effects. The […]

A Beginners Guide to Chakras

Chances are you’re reading this beginners guide to chakras because you have encountered them at a yoga class or healing spa. You may have even noticed speciality candles, jewelry or essential oils that referenced the chakras. In any case, you are reading this post because you want to learn more about what the chakras are and how to balance them. […]

Beginner’s Guide to Reiki Healing

Are you interested in receiving Reiki and learning about its benefits? Then this beginner’s guide to Reiki healing is the perfect place to start! We will walk you through the basics of Reiki along with introducing you to its history and benefits. Reiki is a powerful energy healing tool that anyone can benefit from. The healing power of Reiki is […]