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Where to Buy Crystals that Are Ethically Sourced

Where to Buy Crystals that Are Ethically Sourced

As a child, I have fond memories of collecting rocks. I’ll never forget the signs posted at national parks advising visitors to “leave what you find”. Removing rocks apparently displaces wildlife and disrupts the ecosystem. So, I’ve always felt a twinge of guilt collecting rocks from unregulated areas like public beaches or campgrounds. 

In recent years, I’ve come to learn about ethically sourced crystals. After watching the film “Blood Diamond” my eyes were opened to the horrifying mining conditions of precious stones. Today, some question if crystals are the new blood diamonds as they rise in popularity and are often not ethically sourced.

Ethically Sourced Crystals 

What are ethically sourced crystals? Currently, there is no official ‘ethical crystal foundation’ to regulate the sale of crystals. Since there is not an organization charged with the oversight of fair trade and eco practices of crystals, buyers are left to do their own research.

Today some crystals are mined in countries with notoriously lax labor and environmental regulations while other crystals come from large-scale U.S. mines that have contaminated ecosystems and drinking water. In either case, there are a number of ethical concerns regarding the process of acquiring crystals for consumer sales. 

Some argue that the environmental impact of extracting crystals is admittedly low compared to those of industrial gold, copper, granite, or rare earth mining. However, the popularity of crystals is increasing every year, making the issue of environment and social ethics regarding crystal mininning a serious concern for consumers.

Healing Stones  

So what is a healing stone? Simply put, healing stones are thought to have energetic vibrations that trigger a physical response from our bodies. In the practice of crystal healing therapy a stone is placed on your body (or nearby) to draw out ‘negative’ energy. Healing arts practitioners believe that crystals and gemstones are tools to focus and direct healing energy.

Often when you look up a crystal or gemstone you will find numerous meanings. This is because cultural and historical factors influence how healing stones are used. Personally, as a reiki practitioner I use healing stones to facilitate the free flow of energy through the body. Other healing arts practitioners use healing stones in other ways according to their personal philosophy, culture and training.

Despite knowing the potential human and environmental consequences of working with crystals, I still use them frequently. On my path to become a reiki practitioner, I’ve found crystals and gemstones have played an important role in my practice. In my opinion, crystal energy and reiki energy can be quite similar. I also discovered the historical role that jewelry has played in energy healing. Ever since I’ve become obsessed with healing jewelry

Where to Buy Crystals

It can be somewhat difficult to buy crystals from an ethical source when you are not qualified to buy from a wholesaler. That being said, here are five great sources. I also highly recommend scoping out ETSY. You will have to do a bit of research into individual ETSY sellers sources. However, you can also find some great crystals in the ETSY marketplace.


If you are looking to purchase ethically sourced crystals online check out theses shops:

Moonrise Crystals 


Happy Soul 


Kacha Stones Crystal Shop 


Aquarian Soul 


Gem Center USA Inc. 


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